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Dwm gaps

Given the current situation in the door and window market, one would not expect the price of Krypton gas to be rising. After all, with windows representing the largest percentage of Krypton usage and window production being down, this price jump is catching many window fabricators off guard.

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Well after talking to Adam Seymour of Electronic Fluorocarbons, my suspicions were confirmed. There are some recent events on the supply side of the equation that are causing a jump in Krypton prices. You see, Krypton is harvested from air using air separation units ASUs. Well there are a limited number of ASUs on the planet and several of the more productive ones have recently gone down—one being in the Ukraine and another in Wuhan, China, that was recently idled.

So, what does steel production have to do with Krypton? Well, steel producers need ASUs to take oxygen out of the air in order to fuel the steel making process.

It turns out, if you are going to spend the money on an ASU to harvest oxygen, then you might as well spend a little more and get one that can also capture Krypton. Then you can enjoy an additional revenue stream by selling this valuable gas that is used to make energy efficient windows, lighting, semi-conductors, and lasers. And what is steel production doing? You guessed it: falling right now. Yes, demand for steel is falling as car sales and construction projects are being delayed.

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When things get back to normal, there will be a pent-up demand for cars and delayed construction jobs will get back on track.

So, demand for steel will rebound sharply.

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The supply of Krypton will follow suit. But for now, this unequal pressure on the supply side of the curve is pushing up Krypton prices. Adam says that the pricing of Krypton is going up from being in around the 30 cents per liter range to being in the range of 60 to 70 cents per liter.

Meanwhile, there is concern that it could hit the dollar per liter mark. Compare this to the cost of argon, which is just pennies per liter. Well, if you need actual calculations, feel free to check out my Gas Fill Cost Calculator to calculate the exact cost of filling any size window unit.

Just enter your Krypton gas cost per liter, dimensions of your insulating glass unit IGUthe pane gap, and the number of cavities per IGU—whether it be a double pane, triple pane or even quad.

Literally stop using i3-gaps \u0026 use Suckless dwm rn

So, will this price increase damper the usage of Krypton in the window industry? Krypton is bundled with many other high-end features, such as triple pane construction, multiple low-e coatings, low conductivity spacer systems, and even sound attenuation technologies.

I even know of a U.

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Windows built with Krypton feature U-values below the 0. So, when it comes to combining ultimate thermal efficiency with outstanding CRF performance, Krypton holds a special place among currently available technologies. Sure, there are fourth-surface low-E coatings that can rival Krypton in terms of overall window U-values in double pane configurations, but not without sacrificing CRF values. Krypton works its magic in windows featuring small gaps with multiple pane configurations.Software is complicated.

Suckless offers an alternative to this continuous cycle of bloat and meaningless redesign. Suckless tools aim to keep things simple, minimal, usable and hackable by default. Their window manager dwm is just a window manager.

dwm gaps

Their terminal st is just a terminal. It just displays text. Suckless tools are typically configured in C, the language they are written in. However as a side effect of suckless tools having their configuration baked into the executable at compile time, they start up instantly.

If something goes wrong while using them, you can easily jump right into the code that implements them and nail down issues using basic debugger skills.

However, even though the window manager is meager, it still offers places for you to make it look beautiful. I would like to walk through my dwm setup, how I have it configured all of the parts at play as well as an example of how I debug problems in my dwm config. I use the following patches:. This combination of patches allows me to make things feel comfortable and predictable enough that I can rely entirely on muscle memory for most of my window management.

Nearly all of it is done with the keyboard too. Here is my config file. All of these things control various errata. I use the Hack font on my desktop and with emacs. The real magic of tiling window managers is that all of the window management commands are done with my keyboard.

Alt is the key I have devoted to controlling the window manager. All of my window manager control chords use the alt key.Planned maintenance sometime this week! I don't have an exact date and time due to work, wife and childrenbut I need to refactor a couple things in the network and on the servers. This shouldn't take longer than a couple hours! You guys will also be blessed with a mirrored backup instance hosted on a second location after I'm done!

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View 4 replies. I'm just a professional. Anyways, see you guys ne-". View 1 replies. HiPhish Luke is going from one extreme to the other. Suckless is neat as a mental exercise and it is good in reminding us that sometimes one can accomplish less with more think dmenu or tabbedbut maintaining your own fork just for configuration is dumb. The big issue is not editing config. The real problem is that when you want to add a feature you have to import a patch.

Patches grow stale and can conflict with one another. Each patch you add makes it harder to keep up with upstream and weakens the source code integrity. The last thing you want is for your terminal to become a security risk because you wanted scrollback in it.Trading using Excel and MT4? How to copy profiles in MT4? How to use Excel with MT4? Gap Up and Gap Down terminology 8 replies. Integration between excel and MT4 prices 3 replies.

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I know for sure some of the stuff I see posted on other threads are from a certain Russian site and may contain viruses and or infringe upon US copyright laws. If you are not sure then don't post!

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You may be reported if you are found to be in violation. Please be careful! Many Green Pips To All! I believe some of the challenges being faced as a group is that terms are being used interchangeably.

If we can create a standard set of definitions it will be much easier to work together. Here is my take on them as a start. Can we discuss this and create a durable standard to move forward with?

Here on some thoughts about the dash information and layout for strength indicators for clarity and discussion. Bid Ratio is based on the current price as a percentage of the Day Range. This range can be based on the Day Bar the time elapsed since the brokers open time or Rolling the last 24 hours. Relative Strength is the Bid Ratio of a pair expressed in a range of -9 to 9. Currency Strength Strength represents the average of Relative Strengths of a single currency across all currency pairs expressed in a range of 0 to 9.

Absolute Strength represents the difference of the Currency Strength of the base and counter currencies of a pair expressed in a range of -9 to 9.

This has been also described as Gap. Gap is a measure of the difference movement of an indicator across a fixed time frame. Currently 30 minutes. This would indicate Momentum. Sync is a count of how many pairs fit a set of criteria for a given currency. This is currently defined by all the selected filters. Sync is expressed in a range of 0 to 7. If we can all build on or correct this to create a standard I think this help us moving forward.

dwm gaps

I will be happy to record progress and post the final "dictionary" All the Best, dlouw.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I'm trying to figure out how can I get rid of these gaps between windows.

Please, see the screens below. At the first screen there is a gap at the bottom a gap about 15px. At the second one - gap at the center between two windows. However - even after setting gappx const to 0 - nothing changed :. Try turning resize hints off in your config. More precisely, you would need to set. The problem apparently stems from terminals being unable to expand to fill arbitrary space on the screen.

When resizehints are on, space is left around the window the gaps you see. When they are off, that dead space is subsumed withing the terminal window itself although the terminal application can't use it. This is likely due to suckless terminal. This issue is addressed in the anysize patch.

You can patch the files before compiling the terminal as follows, starting from your st Now, the window gap issue should be fixed in your st binary. This method works for applying other patches as well.

You are in what is called 'tiling mode'. It's not a bug, it's a feature. If you want to get rid of the spaces, just switch to Fibbonacci-mode, for example.Can anyone give me a hand with the uselessgap patch? I'm using version 5. I've applied it but it doesn't seem to be making any gaps horizontally. This is the only patch I've installed thus far.

Here is what the patch is producing:. I haven't dealt with the problem myself, but I seem to remember this being a known DWM 6. You should find a link in there somewhere to a fix. DWM patching takes a little getting used to, but if you take the time to look around, you can usually find a fix to most issues online expecially these forums.

I have a working uselessgaps for 6. If you can't sit by a cozy fire with your code in hand enjoying its simplicity and clarity, it needs more work. A lot of the links in that thread relevant to my problem have d.

Anytime you see a patch in which lines are inserted or replaced beyond the line mark, the patch was probably built against a previously patched DWM configuration. So Unia probably built that patch against the rest of his configuration; that is, he may have other patches to his config that were intended to be applied before that one, which would move the relevant code to a different point than where it exists in your dwm.

Usually, if only one or two hunks fail in the patching process, you can just open the target file dwm.

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Give that a shot; learning to patch DWM by hand is a good skill to practice, and since there are only a few characters in this case, it's as good a test case as any. Hm, most of the patches in the "Other patches"directory in my GitHub repo are diff'ed against a vanilla dwm. Ah, so it does. Since you mentioned it in that Crunchbang post, I should probably run a git diff on my own config here.

Having a back-up is probably a good idea.

dwm gaps

Atom topic feed. Arch Linux. Index Rules Search Register Login. You are not logged in. Topics: Active Unanswered. Hunk 3 succeeded at offset lines. Hunk 4 succeeded at offset lines. Hunk 5 succeeded at with fuzz 2 offset lines. Pages: 1. Atom topic feed Powered by FluxBB.First of all, great patch! But, this patch fails against a clean dwm Also the code seems broken because ColBg, ColFg are nowhere defined.

Would much appreciate an updated version of this gist! HackedPixels this patch doesn't apply to dwm The patch applies cleanly to this commit in the development repo. Also a recent bug has cropped up in statusbar and here is a fix which will apply over this patch.

When drawing the triangle, the background rectangle draw does not take effect for some reason. The hack I had used was to draw two triangles instead of drawing one triangle over one rectangle. Will need to find this fix again though. Looks like the pastebin expired.

That makes sense. When you do I can patch it to the current version of dwm, and send you the diff to post if you want. Skip to content. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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Embed What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. DWM powerline statusbar, gaps, padding, no vacant tags, all titles patch.

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